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// Justin J.

Love the scorpion helmet for drag racing! My Bell Star always fogs up at the starting line when I'm staging. My EXO-400 Urban Destroyer never fogs and stays clear so I can see all night. Scorpion is definitely my helmet of choice for drag racing at the strip!

Justin J.

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// Kurt S.

I just wanted to share with you that I use my brand new Scorpion jacket in a trip to Peruvian rainforest... he have to pass the high mountains (4800 meters high) to get there, very cold and windy, then go down to the hot and humid jungle… A nice experience and the jacket fits perfectly. Now that I'm going to US again, my next purchase will be an Exo-1000 helmet… and it never stops!
Thank you Guys for this stuff, you really know how to do good things.

Kurt M. Stein

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// Jacque B.

"My husband and I love our Scorpion ExoGear! When we were thinking about getting our motorcycle, my husband was looking at the kind of bikes to get and I was looking at gear. I told him I didn't care what kind of bike we got as long as I looked good on the back of it. Scorpion is the best gear because it's so comfortable and looks so good on the road! I get so many compliments on my jacket and helmet from other riders. Thank you Scorpion Exo for the awesome gear!"

Thanks again!
Jacque and Matt

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// Pamala J.

Hello, did you know that the clear face shield could be used with out the full face being on? So it gives you a half face style with sunglasses. I LOVE THE HELMET!!

Take Care,

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// Andrew Martin

Tearing through the corners out at Road America in Elkart Lake, WI. Seeing everything and staying cool on a hot day in my Scorpion skid lid makes it that more enjoyable. Thanks for making it less painful for me to do what I love doing, I'm stung!!!!!!

Keep it tight,

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// MotoQuest Tour Guide Ben

I love the 'transformer' modular helmet! it is the quietest and most comfortable modular helmet i have ever used! it is a 'Must have' for alaskan adventure riding! (but it's not good for Ducati riding, it develops a loud whistle around 130mph). Scorpion's XDR Commander jacket and XDR invasion pant together make the ultimate combination of warmth, comfort, dryness and versatility. the removable liners, neck gaitor and adjustable fit make it possible to stay comfortable during any weather Alaska can throw at you. and if you have ridden in Alaska you know that is no easy task! My favorite Scorpion glove is the Magnum, it fits like a glove!! did i just say that? well, its true and many companies cant figure that out. i love the easy-to-use over the cuff gauntlet and like i said, it fits a 'human' hand, like gloves are supposed to! (nothing critical, really, i love them, okay maybe a squeegee on the thumb would be useful)


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// MotoQuest Tour Guide Jeff

"I have been guiding in the Scorpion XDR Commander Jacket and invasion pants for the past year and have been very impressed with their toughness and versatility. Through rain in Japan, wind in Patagonia, and just plain cold in Alaska, the layering system of the Commander works well in all situations...all the way to Prudhoe Bay. The riding Jacket and pants, with the Transformer Helmet are ideal for the rigors of guiding!" Thanks Scorpion!


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// Road Star Girl

I just wanted you to know... My hubby and I BOTH purchased these FABULOUS helmets! He is VERY fussy and this helmet passed all his tests... the fit is beyond anything I have ever tried... the comfort is second to none... this helmet has so many awesome features... we show it off to all our friends... the hide-a-way visor is so awesome! Thank you for making a much needed helmet that fits good looks excellent and has so many cool designs!

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// Sabine Granoux

Hello Team,
I Started riding last year, bought the "Nip Tuck and Savanah"... sure love it. Thanks team, and looking forward to a bigger women's collection. Cheers

Vancouver, Canada

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// Jeff Wrede

For the Scorpion Team. Just spent 10 wonderful days in Robbinsville, NC., just 20 minutes from the "Tail of the Dragon", plus the "Hellbender" and the awesome "Cherohala Skyway". The EXO-700 and the Cool Rod jacket was perfect for July. 60 degrees in the Mornings and 80 in late afternoon. Thanks for the outstanding products! Scorpion Rocks!

Jeff W.

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// Shannon Gross

I have been out riding in my new scorpion gear. Which I absolutely just love. So comfortable great fit all the way around. I wear the pants alone sometimes or over my jeans. They totally adjust to how I want them to fit. They definitely are stylish enough to wear out as well. As a matter a fact, I often wear them to the casino and get nothing but compliments. I even have met people who ride just because I am wearing my scorpion gear people come up to me and ask me what I am riding. So not only am I comfortably protected but I also have made new friends thanks to Scorpion.

Thank You again Scorpion
Shannon G.

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// Cleyon Loonsfoot - Master Class Champ

Even in the master class Scorpion is on the podium, the VX-17 Twister hits as Cleyon Loonsfoot shows his skill in the corners and takes the 60 Master Class Championship for So. Calif. AMA District 37 MX series.

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// Larry C - A lifetime Customer!

I've been a long time wearer of your products and have been using your EXO-1000 regularly and my XDR Commander Jacket when I lived out Midwest. Recently I've moved back to the Bay Area and did a 1000 mile ride with friends up to the Redwoods in Northern California and thoroughly enjoyed using your Helmet when the temperature even got as high as 105 deg. I was able to still ride hours with fantastic ventilation and even cheated by removing the inner liner and soaking it in water to help with the heat. I ride a Kawasaki ZX-14 touring bike and have literally thousands of miles on it with the help of your helmet. I am absolutely a fan of your Optical Correct Visor that gives me highest vision definition possible, plus protected with your EverClear anti-fog treatment which is god giving here when it is foggy. Keep up the fantastic products! A lifetime Customer,

Larry C
San Bruno, Ca

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// Mark and Susan's Ride to Sturgis...

We loved our new EXO-900 TransFormer helmets, the SpeedView drop down visor was great, our communication system was easy to setup in the helmet (Susan liked that). The liner was very nice and felt good even in the heat of South Dakota (and Rain!), and with the rain our shield did not fog up like another brand I owned helping to me to see (Susan liked that too). Thank you Scorpion for a great helmet!

Mark and Susan H.

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// Dave Raff of Spears Racing enjoys Scorpion!

This year has been pretty amazing for us as we are currently leading 2 championships and are second in another. We are also in the top 10 overall for the club which means we potentially can run a top 10 plate next year if we finish this year like we have been riding. I included a picture from a recent race and I hope you enjoy them. We have had a lot of inquiries about the helmets that we run and I can’t speak highly enough of them. I even let people try it on and see for themselves (assuming they are a medium!)
Thank you for your time and as always thank you for your support and help in making this year as successful as it has been.

Dave Raff
Spears Racing

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// Scorpion knows Ulysses riders II

Regarding the helmet, the integral visor is way cool and the pump up fitment is exceptional.

Regarding the riding coat, what can I say, it looks best dirty! The Exo shell for added water resistance, the multiple venting on the arms and chest and full back pocket, the numerous waterproof pockets, the third stay-warm liner, the removable chin piece, the length for dual sport four season riding.

I have a sport riding jacket and pant set I had been using. Living at the base of the Rocky Mtns, summer rides can furnish freezing temps and snow flurries in August so I bought an electric jacket liner. Since buying my Scorpion coat I have not bothered to use that electric liner nor carry a separate rain outer coat!

Dave Przygocki
Cycle Therapist & Sales Manager & Buell Adventurist

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// Blue Ribbon Coalition Gladiator...

Don Amador, Blue Ribbon Coalition gladiator fighting for off-road land use in the motorcycle industry wears Scorpion helmets. Thanks Don, for all your hard work we at Scorpion and the public appreciate your efforts.

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// "...Your Products Rock!"

I have got to tell you folks... I own three (3) Scorpion Jackets the XDR Commander, the Hat Trick, & the Cool Rod! As well as the EXO-700 Helmet! Your Products Rock!! When I am on the bike, I live in the XDR Commander Jacket! The comments from people who see me in this jacket always want to know where I got it from! I am proud to tell them about your company and web site. I will never Buy a helmet from another manufacturer ever again. Your EXO-700 is Awesome. Thank You for such an excellent product, I recommend you guys to every biker I meet!

Jeff Wrede

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// I am officially Scorpions #1 fan

OM God !!! I love my leathers !!! They fit amazing !!! Every body wants a pair. There were about 150 riders this weekend, and they all want a pair of my Scorpion leathers !!! Thank you so much for making this happen. I love them !! So much in fact I want to get a second back up set. I am so in love with Scorpion, I might get a Scorpion tattoo. Your products are amazing, and I am officially Scorpions #1 fan. Thank you SO MUCH !!!

Dean.   See More

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// The Breath box is great...

Hey my name is Brad M. and I live in New Hampshire, and I bought a Scorpion helmet earlier this year and use it for Snowmobiling and I love it. The Breath box is great for it and I use it with 509 goggles and the fit is amazing, they work very well together. So far it has been a great helmet and just got back from 5 days and 650 miles of was is some pics of the helmet...

Thanks a lot
Brad M.

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// I'm Seen!

"I get LOTS of comments on my choice of protective gear, very visible."
James Graham of TX.

James we could not agree more, we are Scorpion Sports promote safety and James raises his safety by being seen.

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// Me and Jr. at Mid Ohio and my Awesome Scorpion Exo 700

As promised its me and Jr. at Mid Ohio this year and my Awesome Scorpion Exo 700 Fury. Split Second Photo really got a good picture of my blue shield. This helmet has replaced my wife's and my Arai Quantum f since we got it two years ago - it also benched my new KBC Laguna design when I bought Jr. We bought the Scorpion and called Steve Kaiser at Park and told him to pick up Scorpion immediately. I've been riding for over 30 years and have always worn a helmet and full leathers since starting track days in 1998 and this Scorpion is the nicest and most comfortable helmet that I've ever had and I've only ever bought the best helmets out because that's the way my boys taught me to ride back in the early eighties; always wear the best to protect my best. They say it's the best middle range priced helmet but I say it's the best helmet PERIOD. The icing on this cake is that we didn't have to take a loan out to buy one for my wife and I, Thanks. PS. Scorpion has put the customer back in customer service, Scorpion is my helmet from this one on.

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// Married with Scorpion Protection.

Carolyne of Port Angeles Power Equipment feels so strongly about Scorpion helmets she married in one. She in her EXO-700 while her groom was in his EXO-400. Carolyne sent this note to us; "When in your life, you see a chance to be happy, grab it with both hands. In the end, we will only regret those things we did not do. I am alive, therefore I ride!"

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// WERA Championship!

Scorpion Sports sponsored Mark Harrison wins the WERA Vintage 2 National Championship at Road Atlanta. I really like the helmet, fits great and thank for the EverClear® no-fon faceshield because the race was in the rain! I came from behind to catch the guy I had to beat passing him on the second to last corner before the finish and won, again thanks.

Mark Harrison
2008 WERA V2 National Champion

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// Ventilation does work!

"Scorpion ventilation systems in all our dirt and street helmets really, really work. "Here Jason Davis, National Advertising Manager for Yamaha Motor Corp, takes a breath of fresh, dust-free air after finishing the annual Cycle World magazine Trek in Sequoia last month." It appaears from well placed dust spots on his head that his ScorpionExo off-road helmet was well ventilated during the hot and dusty ride."

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// "I was involved in a cycling accident..."

On Aug. 31 of this year I was involved in a cycling accident. I was traveling east of Bozeman, Mt. headed for my home in Billings, Mt. About 13 to 16 miles east of Bozeman I failed to negotiate a curve and crashed in to the Jersey barrier ( the large concrete barriers between lanes to prevent cars from crossing into oncoming traffic). I was wearing one of your EXO 200 helmets which I had purchased from I broke my left ankle, separated my right shoulder and received some other minor scrapes and sprains. My helmet was battered and scraped over almost the entire helmet. The face mask was ripped off, but I suffered absolutely no head damage ( with the exception of a minor scrape on my chin) and in fact I never lost consciousness. I was doing between 60 to 70 mph. One of the witnesses who also happened to be an EMT said that he was absolutely amazed that I hadn't lost consciousness and that my injuries weren't greater. While I do believe that there may have been some divine intervention, I also believe your helmet was instrumental in saving my life and preventing any brain damage. this was the best $ 140 I ever spent. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Gary A. Ostermiller
Billings, MT

// "I’d like to say your helmets are awesome!..."

"I’d like to say your helmets are awesome! I’ve previously purchased your competitors helmet but have to say that Scorpion helmets are much better in quality and price than the other brand. I currently own an EXO-400, EXO-700, and now an EXO-1000. Your helmets are very comfortable and stable at high speed. Thank You for putting out these great products."

Roma L.

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// 2008 WMRRA Season Ends

I sincerely appreciate all of the support my 2008 sponsors have provided throughout the season -- I would have not been able to reach my goals this year without the help from your outstanding products & services. THANK YOU!

Wendy Leber rider for wearing the EXO-700 Crackhead, ironic since to date she has not cracked her head once.

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// "In Shock and Awe"

I recently purchased two products from the new XDR line Scorpion is offering.  The Shock Jacket and the Awe Pants. Over my 22 years riding I have purchased quality riding suits from very reputable companies and have been complemented on their looks , but nothing comes close to the quality, looks, durability, and comfort as your new XDR line. Once in the Jacket and pants, the words Extreme Distance Rider take control over you.  Everything about this gear is top of the line. Here in New Mexico you face all types of weather extremes in the same day. In the mountains of Cloudcroft and Ruidoso I was riding in temps of 38 degrees and was very comfortable with just the Jacket and Pants. In temps of 90 degrees with the liners out I never felt warm. The ventilation system works great. Free flowing and once again very comfortable. The true test will be when we hit our notorious 104-106 degree temps in the summer. I strongly believe this gear will pass the test.

In the last group ride, besides almost every biker, people came up to ask about the suit. Wanting to know about it and where to purchase it. I did not hesitate to to them who makes it and what dealership I purchased it from.(Rio Yamaha) The most surprising was on my last jaunt, I was pulled over by the New Mexico State Police. It did not seem as though I was exceeding the speed limit , so I calmly pulled over and waited for this visitor in blackto approach me. When the officer got to me,  I politely asked for the reason I was pulled over. He stated the following, " You are being pulled over for two reasons, one, the license plate on my bike, which says what I do when I ride, ENJOY. He thought this was a really cool plate. Reason two,  the riding suit. He just wanted to say it was one of the best looking suits he has seen in years ." He also rides and is looking into purchasing the suit as well. It goes to show, not all cops are bad. By the way, we all know that women love bikers. Well let me tell you, they also love this suit. I felt like Clint Eastwood, it made my day.

Thanks to you and your R & D department for making a product of this quality and looks. All I need now to finish my gear out are the Recon XDR gloves. I'm looking forward to their availability.

Thanks Scorpion USA

Burt Sheets
Las Cruces,  New Mexico

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// "my 750 gixxer at a track day"

In June of 2007, I was riding my 750 gixxer at a track day on the Calabogie Motorsport park in Ontario, during the morning session, I crashed at 150 KPH and my bike got a hard beating. Needless to say that my helmet took a hard beating and had to be replaced. I walked away from the crash and the EXO 700 did it's job, my head felt fine. I now ride a R1 for my track days and was so satisfied by the performance of the EXO 700 that I bought another one that matches the rest of my gear.

Thanks for the great product.

Henry Martin
Gatineau, Quebec

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// 75-120 miles per gallon makes parsimonious turn to scooters.

By Associated Press / May 15, 2008

PIERRE, S.D. - Joan Kohler is not a typical new scooter customer.

But the 51-year-old restaurant owner bought a candy-apple red Honda last week her as worries about the price of gas overrode any trepidation about learning to drive it.
With the average national price of a gallon of regular gas at a record $3.76+ a gallon, many cash-strapped motorists are turning to fuel-stingy motor scooters and smaller motorcycles. Dealers across the nation report brisk sales this spring, particularly for those that get from 75 to 120 miles per gallon.

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// A Lady and her Bike - Helmet - Apparel!

My name is Josie Burkett and I currently reside in Kuna, Idaho. I am a wife, a mother and I also have a career in law enforcement. I have been riding for 3 years now and have been through all the available courses for motorcycle riding from beginner to advanced classes. Knowledge and safety are tools for survival.
Last year, I went from riding a Harley Sportster to a Yamaha R6. Since I changed bikes, I had to change the gear. This is when I found Scorpion’s “Black Dahlia helmet”. I had to have it, even though I already had 1 modular, 1 full face and a half helmet at home. It has a hot design! I loved it so much that I decided to have the bike painted and customized to match. WOW! The bike is a huge hit!
I had been looking for the perfect jacket and pants. Low and behold an awesome new jacket and matching pants arrive at Snake River Yamaha with the very design! Well, I got them just in the nick of time. I completely believe if you’re going to ride, you need the proper gear. Boy was I right! I wrecked on my bike on a mountain curve about a week after getting my gear. I was thrown from the bike, tumbled and landed on the side of the mountain. It was my first time wearing all of my new gear on a ride, as I had just received my pants. I am so lucky. Thanks to my gear, I only sustained minor injuries. No road rash or abrasions. AMAZING!
My gear protected me and may have even saved my life. Would you believe my jacket and pants are still in pristine condition? The helmet suffered some scrapes and gouges’, but nothing major. I was back on my bike and able to ride it home. I am a HUGE advocate of the Scorpion products! Love their new line! I highly recommend their gear.
THANK YOU SCORPION! Your gear played a huge factor of my still being here to share my story.

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// Even Mat Mladin's Attorney Races!

Alesandro Assanti, Mat Mladin’s personal attorney and fellow GSXR racer loves his EXO-700 Burst, a true testiment to Mat's team loving and using the ScorpionExo® product line to protect them while on and off the track.

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// "one of the most comfortable helmets..."

1) For just having gotten this helmet and not having had a chance to really "break it in" it has been one of the most comfortable helmets I've ever worn. Our trip lasted 5 days and we rode over 875 miles. I never got a hot spot or experienced any discomfort from my helmet.

2) The Everclear coating on the inside of the face shield was really put to the test on this trip. We rode in sun, wind, rain and even some snow flurries. The only time I had a problem with anything fogging up was my glasses and then only when I got off the bike to check out of the hotel. After I started moving down the road, the face shield stayed clear and the air management system inside the helmet kept my eyeglasses completely clear without my face being cold.

3) The air inflatable cheek pads do an outstanding job of custom fitting the helmet to the head. I would estimate this feature alone is what decreases wind noise by at least 30% over my previous helmet.

Thanks to you personally and your company for the stellar service I've received on my recent warranty repair and for the outstanding helmet you've designed and built.

Ray Irons

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// Mark Cheza sporting his VX-17 Burnout

Indoor ice race champion, Mark Cheza, sporting his VX-17 Burnout. This is at a hockey arena in front of about four thousand ice racing fans in Flint Michigan.

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// "What a great piece of protective gear!"

"What a great piece of protective gear! The quality of my All-In jacket is apparent from the second you pick it up. You can tell Scorpion didn’t skimp on materials when they made the All-In, this is one hefty jacket. The fit is just right (mine is a large) for me, has plenty of pockets, and the color combination, subtle flames - goes great with my Moto Guzzi Nero Corsa. With the liner installed I’ve been riding in 50 degree temperatures, once the weather heats up out comes the liner and I’ll be opening the vents for the air flow. If you are looking for a top notch leather jacket, strongly consider the All-In."

Keith Foster
Product Manager
Regina USA
Cambridge, MD

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// "the coolest designs...


I am a Technical Sergeant in the Air Force and a new customer to the Scorpion line. I ride a Kawasaki ZX10 and these are the coolest designs I’ve ever seen on a bucket.

Thank You
TSgt Jason T.

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// "EXOWear impresses the Parts Manager."

"I have been street riding for twenty years, road raced for 10 years, and doing track days for fiftenn years" "I was extremely impressed with the quality of detail and materials used. I compared the jacket to my Alpinestars, Dainese, and Teknic jackets that I currently own. I found your craftsmanship and quality to be right up there with the Aplinestars and Dainese, with your fit and finish superior to the Teknic. This is a product I will personally own and recommend."

Stuart Colson - Parts Manager
R and S Kawasaki
Albuquerque, NM

// "LIFE SAVING Scorpion EX0-700 XXL"

Dear Scorpion USA,

My name is Robert Boyack, I'm 30 years old, and I used to ride a Yamaha R1. On 3-8-08 I was envolved in a Deer vs. R1 accident. After hitting the deer at about 40 miles an hour my bike was pitched sideways sending me through the air and making contact with the road head first, then followed by my shoulder. The impact ripped off my visor and left a deep grove on the right side of my helmet by my temple and continued toward the back of my helmet. My bike was distroyed by the deer and the guardrail. I sat up after coming to a stop to discover, thankfullly, that my limbs were still intact and found only minimal scraps on my hands. I looked at my bike to asses the damage and took off my helmet. I was amazed at the force the helmet had sustained and that my head felt fine. I know without a doubt the helmet saved my life, and let me go home to my wife and three children. I have nothing but good things to say about scorpion helmets. Your product has allowed me to be here, to tell of my story, and how I was able to walk away from such a horriffic accident. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I don't know for sure which type of bike I will purchase next, but I do know the brand of helmet I'll be getting.

A Blessed and Greatful Customer,

Robert Boyack



Motorcycling may cause confusion with the criminal element.

So I’m minding my own business, waiting for Chipotle to open for lunch, when a police car rolls up to my parking space. As the officer gets out, I ask myself: did I just run a light or something? Then I ask myself: why is he screaming at me? Why is his gun pointing at me? Dumbstruck, I do what he tells me: get on the ground, hands on head, the whole works. His backup arrives. I’m cuffed, searched, and very confused.

Finally, the CO on scene takes time to explain to me that a nearby bank was robbed minutes ago, by a white guy with a black jacket and light shirt. Considering how well a motorcycle works as a getaway vehicle, I was a prime suspect. After a while, I was pulled out of the car again for a street side lineup. Once the witness confirmed that I wasn’t a robber, I was uncuffed and apologized to. Best part? The cop uncuffs me while saying that this was my lucky day. Gee, I wish I was this lucky all the time, because I love getting the shit scared out of me every time I want to get some take-out!

Despite all that, the cops involved were about as civil as could be expected, and I have no hard feelings for them doing their job. I’d also like to thank Scorpion, for making a motorcycle jacket that makes a boring white guy look like a badass bank robber!

Bruce Steever
Associate Editor, 2Wheel Tuner

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// "...I choose to wear the ScorpionExo All-In"

"I could wear any motorcycle jacket made - I choose to wear the ScorpionExo All-In."

Bobby Franklin
Owner of Camden Motorsports
Brunswick & Kingsland, GA

Scorption Sports

// "The All In fits and feels top notch"

"The armor used in the EXO-Wear is some of the BEST you will find today. By design it is protective without sacrifing comfort. I highly recommend this jacket and look forward to wearing it during the upcoming riding season! "

Brian Van
Sportbike Track Gear

// "thank you for making such a wonderful jacket"

"Just a quick thank you for making such a wonderful jacket. The Blue Stinger goes great with my Blue EXO1000 helmet and the graphics on the back of the Stinger are just subtle enough to look good but not hit you in the face. Ventilation is great and the liner makes it a three season jacket here in the Northeast. I like it so mich I'm getting the Nikki jacket for my wife. Keep the great products coming. I tell everyone I know about the new Scorpion EXOWEAR."

Glen Brady

// "I am really excited about the Scorpion product line"

"I am really excited about the Scorpion product line. I have a blue crackhead, a blue burnout, and the black venom gloves. I also bought a shirt, decals, and a hat. I really want to display my Scorpion wear all the time…. Lifestyle... that's what I would love to see. So that not only does everybody know that I am a rider, but that I ride with Scorpion wear! My Scorpion hat and shirt have already started talk about riding and it's only been a couple days. It's like when I wear my Dallas Cowboys hat... love them or hate them, it always starts conversation about football. And just one more thing about how much I like the Scorpion product line... I am thinking of getting a tattoo of a scorpion on my neck or lower leg. Yeah, I really like your stuff!"

Jack Shepard
Aberdeen, MD

// "EXO-400 Warrior"

To Whom It May Concern,
I've been riding street bikes for about 25 years and have owned numerous helmets ranging from inexpensive to very expensive. I recently purchased your EXO 400 Warrior helmet and have been very satisfied with every aspect (especially the anti-fog shield) for the past 4 months of usage. I've been spreading the word to all my riding friends. I will never purchase anything other than Scorpion helmets. Just wanted your company to know I'm a satisfied customer.
Thanks for making a great helmet 'at a great price' (what a bonus!!!).

Kiet Busby

// Poetry in Motion...

Trying, trying all that you can. Giving it effort until you can't stand. It's pushing, it's pushing but you won't give up, it's striving for the victory cup hearing the roar, hearing the sounds of the crowd as they won't let down, it feeds you, it feeds you the fire in your soul it gives you strength and mind to control, your muscles are weakend but still you try until you see the checkered flag fly high. David Dwyier 2008

Scorption Sports

// Customize your helmet.

Our Friends down at Dynamic Digital out of Wilmington, NC did this custom paint work on the ScorpionEXO® EXO-400 for Britt at "Britt Hot Rodz". We at Scorpion Sports always like to see new ways to dress our helmets. Thank you Steve Holtz for sending this photo

Scorption Sports

// 150% Satisfied

Good morning

I just wanted to take the time and comment on your excellent helmet. I've been riding for the past 17 years and I've replaced my helmet every three years or so, give or take a few. In the past, the only helmet that suited me was the Arai Quantum because of the fit and finish of the product. And not to mention I had the misfortune of crash testing a few along the way. 17 years and over $2400.00 later, I came across your website and read very intensely the write-ups on your helmet. When I came across the report that you and Arai scored 5 stars I had to see this for myself.

I recently purchased the EX-700 Fury and I'm 150% satisfied with my purchase. The fit and finish is equal to the Arai Quantum's I've worn over the years, and I would say that the EX-700 is quieter than the Quantum. And let's not mention the anti fogging shield! I'm currently stationed in Germany and I rode in with 41 degree weather this morning. I thought the anti fog was not working, but I soon realized that my eyeglasses were fogging and not the shield (ha ha). Over the years I've purchased a lot of motorcycle helmets, and this was the best $149.00 I've spent in a very long time. Even the $179.00 normal price is a great deal which I plan on spending on another Scorpion. That is unless your company wants to send me one for a hands on show and tell for the other military members in Germany…gloss black will due (smile).

What's the difference between the Arai and Scorpion Helmet? I would definitely say "over" $400.00, and that means a lot to me and the other riders I plan on forwarding this mail to.

Riders, if you're in the market for a new helmet, you owe it to yourself to give the scorpion a try. They don't ship to APO boxes, but will, and they will match the sale prices on the scorpion web page

Thanks in advance

Supt, Engine Management Branch

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// Alaska Bound

Mark Haldane is used to the cold but, he loves his new Scorpion Warhawk EL Snow helmet. The Electric Shield keeps his helmet free and clear during the worst of storms. Thanks Alaska Leather for setting Mark up!!

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// All Temperatures and All Conditions

Whether I'm on the track or commuting in Houston traffic, my Scorpion EXO 700 has held up to a year and a half of daily use. My Everclear shields haven't fogged in the steamy Texas summers with 100% humidity or the winter mornings when the windchill is below 0. The Scorpion has worked in all temperatures and all conditions I've put it through.

Jesse Mills
Houston, TX

Scorption Sports

// A Believer

"...I LOVE my EXO-700 helmet."

Jon Weatherford
Sacramento, CA

Scorption Sports

// As Advertised

"So many products today say they do this and that, but rarely deliver as advertised. Your Scorpion EXO700 does everything you say it does!"

William Bagby
Atlanta, GA

Scorption Sports

// Great Fit

" outstanding fit! Plus with a KwickWik® liner I feel dry."

Morgan W.
Falmouth, MA

Scorption Sports

// Very Comfortable

"...My ScorpionExo™ helmet stayed very comfortable. It kept my head cool in the grueling Elsenore GP 100 mile race all the way to the end. Thanks so very much!"

Becky Russell

Scorption Sports

// "The Scorpion anti fog visor was key"

"The Scorpion anti fog visor was key when on the starting grid, waiting for the flag to drop with a on track temp of 120 degrees. Not to mention that the very helmet in this photo saved my noggin the next weekend when I decided to go pavement surfing in the next turn. "

Mike Brayton

Scorption Sports

// "Your sales staff was a pleasure to deal with"

"Your sales staff was a pleasure to deal with. No high pressure sales tactics, extremely knowledgeable and patient. They all deserve a little extra in their paycheck this Christmas" ~Douglas Pilcher

// "High quality products at a fair price"

"After riding for the past 8 years with a Shoei helmet I was reluctant to change, but I didn't want to spend between $400 and $600 to replace my old helmet. Your helmet has the quality, features and appearance of Shoei or Aria helmets selling for 2 to 3 times as much which has compelled me to switch. In my opinion some of your competitor's helmet prices have become unreasonable high and I commend you for providing a good value to your customers. The helmets you make are high quality products at a fair price and so what serious motorcyclists need without breaking their bank account." ~Joe Strong

// "I think your helmets are awesome"

"I'd just like to take time out to say I think your helmets are awesome. I love my helmet and with the aero skirt, I will never use another brand, I am buying my wife one as I write. Just wanted to congratulate you guys on great work, well done! Much success! We need you. Take care and ride safely." ~Andre R. Berry

// "I can't believe how great it is!!!"

Hello....we just talked on the phone as to how great this helmet is!!!! I can't believe how great it is!!! I have used arai,shoei,hjc among others and this EXO-400 smokes em'all!!! When I used it the first time it was 35 -40 degrees out fogging and it kept me pretty warm!!It has a great weight too..I have some back/neck problems and it was light enough not to agravate my back...even after a couple hours of riding. I would definitallly recomend this helmet to ANYONE looking for a new helmet.( I may even replace my motocross and my sons passenger helmet) I don't usually contact any companies as to there products but this one has stood out in my mind enough that I needed to tell you how great it is!!! I had to cut some foam from the cheek area to adjust the fit to my fat cheeks LOL but that was it !! (the only other thing I want to do is change the inside liner to urban camo to give it that custom look) O.K. thanks for your time..keep makin' em' awsome and I' ll keep buyin' em'!!

Steve Ramos
Lowell Massachusetts