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// Jay Powell aka "SLO"

Hometown: Denver, Co.

Background: Started off in the street and had owned 16 bikes at different times, got humbled at the track when I first went out. Since then, there has been no turning back, the track provides a level of excitement, learning curve, competition, and camaraderie that you don't find elsewhere. I came from using all high dollar products (Shoei X-11/X-12, Suomy spec1r/spec1r Extreme, Shark RSR2, various Arai's) and am EXTREMELY pleased with my ScorpionEXO. I had absolutely zero complaints out on the track even the first time out with it.

Will be competing in the MRA and concentrating on the NOV-GTO class/season.

Your favorite Scorpion: EXO500 Oil & EXO1100 Freedom

Team Scorpion

// Wade Ward

Hometown: New Lexington, OH

Background: AMA District 11 Hill Climb Series, currently 1st in points; AMA District 11 Grand Prix Series 7-11 85cc, currently 3rd in points Race Highlights, AMA National Grand Champion Hill Climb: 2nd in the Nation. I started racing when I was 4. I have been to the Dirt Track Grand Nationals 4 years. I have almost always finished in the top 3. I have also done supermoto and motocross. In the future I want to try road racing.

Your favorite Scorpion: VX-24 Ampt.

Team Scorpion

// Louis J Ortiz Jr.

Hometown: Denver, Co

Background: I started racing with the MRA in 2007, only competing in the last couple rounds, in 2008 and 2009 my season was cut short due to issues out of my control. In 2010 I competed in novice GTO, and amateur GTO. The 2010 I was able to finish the whole season, it brought my first win, and a 2nd overall in novice GTO, and finished just outside of the top 10 in amateur GTO. The 2011 season was my first full season as an expert, I competed in open supersport and amateur GTO. I had an awesome season, with a 4th overall in open supersport and a 5th over all in amateur GTO. The 2012 season will bring new challenges as I will compete in open superbike and open supersport. I can not thank Scorpion USA enough for their support, as I would not want to push as hard with any other brand protecting my head. Great products, and excellent customer support and service!

Your favorite Scorpion: EXO-500 Skull matte white

Team Scorpion

// CornerSpeed™ School

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Background: Aaron Stevenson*, Cornerspeed Director and Chief Instructor
Aaron is a life long motorcyclist who started riding at the age of 7. He has held an expert racing license since 1992. He has raced Vintage (Open-Superbike class) as well as Modern Supersport, Superstock, Superbike and Endurance. To his credit, he has one national championship and finished second-over-all several times in the WERA National Vintage classes. Known mostly for racing vintage superbikes, many fellow racers on modern bikes, when practicing or competing against Aaron on his Vintage superbike, found out first hand that "It's not what you ride but how you ride it".

As an instructor, Aaron is able to take complex theory and break it down into easy to understand information that students can apply to their own riding. His classroom teaching style is relaxed and fun but he's very serious about the knowledge students gain and how they apply it.

Aaron has worked as an AMA Pro Racing official (Superbike) and as a licensed FIM official (Sporting Steward and Clerk of Course). For 2005 and 2006, he was appointed as the National Steward (FMNR) for the U.S. round of the F.I.M. MotoGP World Championship held at Laguna Seca Raceway.

Partial list of our on-track Instructors for 2007. *Designates riders than have won national championships.

Ed Andrews, Ron Barrick, Steven Broadstreet, Chris Campbell, Scott Carpenter*, Tom Collins, Phillip Doyle, Terry Evans, Fredrick Farzanegan*, Tom Fetsko, Jim Gaal, Scott Harwell*, Ivan Iverson, Brian Kcraget*, David LaRiviere, Russell Masecar*, Brent Mercer, Craig Moodie, Pete Moravek, Stan Simmerson*, Joe Wootten

Your favorite Scorpion: Red and White Burst


Team Scorpion

// Stefan Still

Hometown: Lorton, VA

Background: Championship Cup Series #248, I plan on racing in all 2009 Mid-Atlantic CCS Events and 2 WERA National Endurance Rounds

Your favorite Scorpion: Scorpion Matte White

Team Scorpion

// James Roberts

Hometown: Grand Forks, N.D.

Background: (CRA) Central Roadracing Assocation
In 2009 we will have 5-6 race weekends during the summer. I have plans to race several diffenernt races. The MWSS, HWSS, MWSB, HWSB, Trohpy Dashes and some specialty races. When I put on my Scorpion helmet; i have complet trust that its going to do the job and protect me fully. productNeeds = I am looking for an extra helmet or two

Your favorite Scorpion: EXO-400 Tribal Blue

Team Scorpion