// Frequently Asked Questions

// What's the difference between the EXO and VX helmet shells?

The EXO Models are premium street helmets while the VX Models are our premium off-road helmets.


// Is a fiberglass or a polycarbonate helmet better for me?

Both the polycarbonate composite matrix helmets and the fiberglass/Kevlar helmets comply with the exact same standards - DOT - SNELL - ECE. These are "pass-fail" standards and do not reflect any continuum or graduated level of compliance. No one can tell (or guarantee) you one will be any safer than another in an accident.


// How is a helmet supposed to fit my head?

In a word: SNUG! Please study our "SIZING" section on the website for more detailed instructions. If the fit is painful, it is likely too tight. There are 3 tests we recommend to be sure the helmet is not too big behind the "SIZING" button. Make sure you use all 3 because most people in America buy their helmets too big. If it is too big, the helmet cannot do it's job to the fullest.


// What is the weight of your helmet compared to other?

Our helmets weigh comparably to the competition. There may be some variation during the production run of a few grams here and there, but this is virtually imperceptible by the rider. Traditionally the fiberglass helmets will weigh a few ounces less than the polycarbonate helmets and for this reason may be preferable to some riders.


// Is it possible to trade comfort liners to change sizes?

Currently we offer a few different shell sizes allowing limited changes to be made. for the EXO-1000 changes can be made XS to SM - MD to LG - XL to 2XL, The EXO-900 XS to SM, MD to LG, XL to 3XL, the EXO-750, 700, 400, 100 the VX-24, 17, and 14 in sizes XS to MD, and LG to 2XL the EXO-400 has a 3XL of it own and can not change in size. It is the softer, upholstered "comfort liners" which are installed to actually "size up" or size down" within the shell range to get the perfect head size for you.


// How do you install an "Aeroskirt" in the chin area?

Easy! Simply press the stiffened plastic sidewalls between the external shell and the chin bar EPS. It's a nice firm fit and takes about 10 seconds to install to give you a quieter and more draft-free ride. In the case of the EXO-900 it is just as simple, but in this helmet it's held in place by two snaps and velcro.


// Can I get replacement sideplates, springs and twistgrips for my helmet if I need them?

All the spare parts are available to you from either you local dealer or direct from Scorpion Sports by calling toll-free 888-672-6774. The SpeedShift® twistgrips are available in personalized colors to match other components of the helmet, but stock replacements are also available.


// How do you recommend I clean the faceshield and shell of my ScorpionExo® helmet?

Cleaning and Care Instructions click HERE


// How do I change the Twistgrips?

Remove shield, use a flat head screw driver place between the twistgrip and side plate twist carefully to pop out the twistgrip. Install new twistgrip by aligning clips to the pocket on the sideplate then pressing inward the clips will snap in firmly in place.


// How do I change the vent sliders?

Slide vent to open position, place thumb under slider and carefully pry upward with a twisting motion. To replace align the clips in the open position with the slots on the vent and push in.


// How do I remove the headliner and cheek pads?

Place helmet upside down in your lap or on a soft towel to prevent scratching the finish. Three snaps hold in each cheek pad. Reach in and grab from the top and pull each snap outward. Once the pad is free from the snaps, pull out and repeat on the other side. To remove the head liner detach the two snaps in the back, by reaching in and pulling outward. Now move to the front of the head liner. The hard plastic vent piece holds the front. Gently pull out and the liner is free. To install, reverse the steps. See the Video


// Do the replacement shields offer UV protection?

By nature a shield will filter some UV light, But we had our shields tested by an independant lab. What they found is our shield offers excellent UVA and UVB Protection; Clear shields block 96%-98% UVA-UVB light and Mirrored/Smoke shields block 100% UVA-UVB light. We also comply with VESC-8 Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission (Alexandria VA) for penetration resistance and shatter proof-eye protection.


// Do the replacement shields come with EverClear® anti–fog like the standard shield?

All of our shields have the EverClear™ anti-fog protection like the standard shield. We do offer shields without EverClear® for a slightly lower price.


// On the EXO-900, what is the cover on the left side of the chinbar for?

The cover on the left side is for a communications system of your choice, J&M Comms does have a setup - you will have to contact them for instructions and how to order. Also IMC MotoComm offers a wired kit. No matter what brand and model you choose follow the manufacturers installation instructions. Scorpion does not make a system instead relying on the current brands in the market.

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